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Wall Crack Repair

Wall Crack Repair

It is not uncommon for the average homeowner to ignore a crack on their foundation or basement wall until it becomes noticeable in very negative ways. More common in basements homeowners will notice water seepage leaking into the basement floor forming puddles or leaving water marks along the walls. However, with a quick reaction and repair, the problem can get taken care of before it escalates into additional structural problems.

What Causes Cracks?

A lot of people want to know the cause behind their wall's surface blemishes. The most common cause of the problem involves the normal shrinking and curing process of concrete, and while these types of cracking issues don't typically pose a problem for the structural integrity of a home, they must still be taken care of before they let water inside where it could damage your walls, floors, and anything you may have stored in the basement of your home.

Additionally, these problem areas could be the result of foundation settlement. This is a common structural problem which is attributed to poor soil conditions around a home. Whenever the earth is unable to properly support the weight of the structure, it may start to sink or settle in certain spots, creating an un-even load for the foundation to bear. Eventually, this stress proves to be too much for a wall, and it can start to tear in certain weak areas.

The problem could also be caused from the development of bowing walls. This is a condition caused from excess hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding the home. In addition to causing walls to lean inside, it can also spark the development of vertical, horizontal, or stair-step pattern openings in the wall surfaces.

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy Injection

To seal off the crack our team uses an epoxy material that's injected into the opening. This fills the crack from the earth to the surface of the wall. The material cures fairly quickly, and once it is hardened, it will prevent seepage from getting into the basement. Additionally, once cured and dried, it can be painted over to match with the rest of the environment. The sealant we use is also known for its flexibility. It will be able to move with the wall as it moves because of settlement or other structural problems.

Piering, Anchors, and I-Beams

In addition to the crack itself, Basement Problems will also need to take care of the root cause of the problem, be it settlement or bowing wall issues. This may involve the installation of our durable foundation piers, wall anchors and plates, or our steel I-beams for strengthening, stabilizing, and supporting the damaged wall.

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