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Foundation Settlement Repair

This is a common structural problem that is usually attributed to poor soil conditions around a home. Whenever a home is built, a large hole is dug in the earth where the foundation is going to be set into place. The hole is made bigger than what the actual size of the home is going to be so that workers and equipment can easily navigate and maneuver around the structure. Once the home is in place and built, fill soil is added around the foundation to fill in this extra space. However, when the soil isn't properly backfilled, problems can arise and require foundation repairs.

Whenever it rains, moisture will cause this soil to swell up and push on the exterior walls of the home. In time, this can lead to the development of bowing walls, or even to the formation of stress cracks on the walls. If the problem is neglected for too long, it can eventually lead to the sinking of the home itself. Needless to say, this is going to result in issues for the structural integrity of the entire home.

Additional causes of settlement include: gaps or voids beneath the home in the earth, soggy soil from a wet spring or winter, tree roots growing through areas beneath the home and not providing a stable area for the home to sit, and expanding and contracting soil from clay-rich soil that swells and contracts throughout the seasons.

Warning Signs of a Problem

  • Windows and doors are difficult to open or close
  • Cracks form on the interior or exterior of the home
  • Chimney is tilting or pulling away from the home
  • Certain spots on the first floor no longer feel level
  • Noticeable sinking can be seen on one or more sides of the foundation
Settling or Sinking FoundationsFoundation Piering

Foundation Piering

To take care of the problem, Basement Problems uses a technique known as foundation piering. This involves the installation of one or more push piers around the foundation and drilled into stable, load-bearing strata. The job of the pier is to shift the weight of the home off of the weakened base and onto themselves. As time passes, this can help to prevent additional sinking, and it can also be used to stabilize and strengthen the home as a whole.

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