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As an expert of foundation repairs for the last 4 decades, we continue to assist homeowners throughout North Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Virginia as an industry leading provider of structural solutions. We offer permanent repairs through our sturdy, efficient systems that restabilize and solidify your foundation. Our products realign and fix all the common issues of bowed basement walls, cracks, and sinking or settling foundations that have damaged or begun to deteriorate the structural integrity of your home.

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Foundation Problems: What Does It Mean?

Foundation problems are caused by different variable surrounding your home, climate conditions, and terrain. The most common and influential issue is expanding and contracting soil. This means your home was built on clay-rich soil that soaks water and expands during rainy and snow-thawing seasons, then contracts during the dry seasons. Over time this will shift the foundation and your home along with it. If you have a basement, this can lead to hydrostatic pressure which pushes against your basement wall causing cracks or bowing. Having an effective basement waterproofing system can prevent or assist in some of these problems, but in some circumstances this is an unavoidable issue that happens after many years for older homes, and newer homes that suffer from yard grading or bad soil conditions.

Warning Signs of a Problem

There are a few symptoms that indicate you have a foundation or structural problem. Early warning signs include:

  • Windows and doors are difficult to open or close
  • Chimney is tilting or pulling away from the home
  • Wall or floor cracks can be seen on the home's interior or exterior
  • Noticeable sinking can be seen on one or more sides of the foundation
  • Walls are leaning into the basement environment
  • Floor feels like it is sagging in certain spots
Settling or Sinking Foundations

Settling or Sinking Foundations

As stated earlier, this is likely the most common problem we come across on homes all over Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina due to our climate and natural soil conditions. Clay-rich soil in these states take precedence in our terrain, causing fluctuations on subterrain levels making foundations sink or settle into the ground. This comes from expanding and contracting of the soil from water swelling and then drying. Over time this will shift the foundation causing cracks in the slabs. Read More.

Bowed Basement Wall

Bowed Basement Wall

This problem is caused from excessive hydrostatic pressure in the soil around the home. This pressure builds up whenever the earth swells and expands due to changes in the water table - i.e. after a heavy rain. The pressure eventually proves to be too much for the wall to handle, and it will start to lean into the basement of the home. To take care of the problem, we can install wall anchors and plates, carbon fiber strips, and steel I-beams. All of these products will be able to strengthen, support, and stabilize the wall to prevent additional bowing. Read More.

Basement or Foundation Wall Cracks

Basement or Foundation Wall Cracks

These can be caused from the normal shrinking and curing process of concrete, or they may be a warning sign of a much more serious structural problem, such as settlement. Regardless of their cause, they must be filled in before seepage starts to leak into the basement, destroying everything in its path. We offer solutions for vertical, horizontal, and stair-step pattern cracking. We make use of epoxy injection techniques, and we can also pinpoint the initial cause of the cracking. This may involve and necessitate the installation of wall anchors or piers to prevent the problem from happening again. Read More.

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