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When you have wall cracks, bowed walls, or sinking/settling foundations, look to the professionals at Basement Problems. As a certified company in the Ardmore North Carolina area, we handle everything you need for reliable services that deliver results.Being a widely accepted and authorized contractor in your local Ardmore area, we continue to assist homeowners with reliable solutions they can depend on. That being said, our performance and professional quality is displayed through our workmanship, experience, and the ability to provide foundation repairs through modern systems.

Symptoms of Structural Failure

The foundation that was poured before your home was made sits on soil- and if that soil is unstable it creates problems. Many of the involved aspects of structural problems can be narrow down into a few commonly known causes.

  • 1. During the wet seasons, clay-rich types of soil have a tendency to expand as it soaks water and then contracts in hot temperatures.
  • 2. Soft soil will be vulernable to heavy loads of pressure, slowly sinking the foundation over time.
  • 3. If you don't have a waterproofing system around your foundation, it can create problems by softening the soil over time.

As these situations can often be confusing to understand, our job is to find out what condition is effecting your foundation and provide the necessary repair.

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Foundation & Wall Stabilization and Crack Sealing

Sinking or Settling Foundations

Sinking foundations can be repaired by removing the soil conditional problems entirely. Our foundation piers accomplish this by raising the concrete, and stabilizing the weight off deeper load-bearing crust.

Wall Cracks

Epoxy injection is used on basement or foundation cracks to seal the opening permanently. This substance is designed to act as a binding between the split of the crack and keep water out.

Bowed Wall Repair

As a main outcome of surrounding soil pressure, the repair method is the same each time. We use wall anchors to effectively harness the bowed wall, use counter pressure, and solidify into alignment.

Foundation Problems

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