Repairing Your Foundation in Ararat

When you have wall cracks, bowed walls, or sinking/settling foundations, look to the professionals at Basement Problems. Our local company is a certified contracting network within VA, TN, NC, and WV serving the Ararat, NC area. Offering foundation repair services to us means giving the homeowner a long term value. When our services are complete they remain in-tact for years to come.

Why Do Foundations Fail & Crack?

The foundation that was poured before your home was made sits on soil- and if that soil is unstable it creates problems. Below are some of the main causes of foundation failure and how these problems develop.

  • 1. During the wet seasons, clay-rich types of soil have a tendency to expand as it soaks water and then contracts in hot temperatures.
  • 2. If you have soft soil the amount of weight will eventually destroy the foundation as it cannot hold without a solid base.
  • 3. If you don't have a waterproofing system around your foundation, it can create problems by softening the soil over time.

As these situations can often be confusing to understand, our job is to find out what condition is effecting your foundation and provide the necessary repair.

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Foundation Repair in Greensboro, NC

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How We Repair Your Foundation Problems

Repairing Sinking Concrete

With sinking or settling concrete we must move away from being dependant on the soil underneath. Our foundation piers accomplish this by raising the concrete, and stabilizing the weight off deeper load-bearing crust.

Wall Crack Repair

Cracks are repaired by usage of our other products- addressing the the initial causes of the split. Epoxy injections we use to seal the crack. This substance is designed to act as a binding between the split of the crack and keep water out.

Repairing Bowed Walls

There is only one solution for this problem as it's classified as an emergency repair. Bowed walls require wall anchors to pull and restabilize the concrete back into place.

Foundation Problems

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