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Get repairs for any foundation related problem including basement wall cracks, bowed or caved-in walls, and sinking homes. Our local company is a certified contracting network within VA, TN, NC, and WV serving the Altamont, NC area. We provide foundation repair services that accommodate all aspects of structural failure by addressing the core issues at hand.

Why Do Foundations Fail & Crack?

Soil conditions are the main culprit for structural problems- targeting the foundation and concrete in any situation. Many of the involved aspects of structural problems can be narrow down into a few commonly known causes.

  • 1. During the wet seasons, clay-rich types of soil have a tendency to expand as it soaks water and then contracts in hot temperatures.
  • 2. Soft soil will be vulernable to heavy loads of pressure, slowly sinking the foundation over time.
  • 3. Water, even with highly compacted soil and backfill, can deteriorate the soil and/or the concrete itself.

Here at Basement Problems we find the source of these issues and will provide the homeowner with a complete diagnosis, recommended repair, and estimate.

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Sump Pump in Roanoke, VA

Our basement waterproofing was done on time and completed as per our agreement. I will be enjoying our dry basement for years to come. Sump pump is working just great.

Foundation Products & System Installation

Sinking or Settling Foundations

Foundation settlement being caused by unstable sub-terrain, the repair is simple: become less reliant on the soil. In this case we use what's called foundation piers to lift and raise the foundation back into place.

Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks are repaired by usage of our other products- addressing the the initial causes of the split. Epoxy injections we use to seal the crack. Effectively proven to keep water out while holding the crack in place and binding to the concrete.

Repairing Bowed Walls

As a main outcome of surrounding soil pressure, the repair method is the same each time. We use wall anchors to effectively harness the bowed wall, use counter pressure, and solidify into alignment.

Foundation Problems

Fix Your Foundation

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