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At Basement Problems we are experienced in handling bowing walls, cracks, and sinking foundation issues. Our company offers only the best services available in Adams, North Carolina to help families with these daunting issues at competitive rates that work with you. Our foundation repair systems will restore all structural defects and causes. Combined with our professionalism and expertise, you can rest assured you're in good hands.

The Causes of all Foundation Problems

Soil conditions are the main culprit for structural problems- targeting the foundation and concrete in any situation. Below are some of the main causes of foundation failure and how these problems develop.

  • 1. Clay-rich soil soaks up water during rainy or snow-thawing seasons causing expansion, and then contracts during dry hot seasons.
  • 2. If you have soft soil the amount of weight will eventually destroy the foundation as it cannot hold without a solid base.
  • 3. Water, even with highly compacted soil and backfill, can deteriorate the soil and/or the concrete itself.

As these situations can often be confusing to understand, our job is to find out what condition is effecting your foundation and provide the necessary repair.

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They put in crawl space supports and I was very pleased with their quality of work and professionalism.

Fixing Your Foundation, Cracks, or Bowed Walls

Sinking or Settling Foundations

Foundation settlement being caused by unstable sub-terrain, the repair is simple: become less reliant on the soil. We make this possible by using our piering system that digs deep into more stable crust and lifts the foundation.

Fixing Cracks in Walls

Epoxy injection is used on basement or foundation cracks to seal the opening permanently. This substance is designed to act as a binding between the split of the crack and keep water out.

Bowed Wall Repair

As a main outcome of surrounding soil pressure, the repair method is the same each time. We use wall anchors to effectively harness the bowed wall, use counter pressure, and solidify into alignment.

Foundation Problems

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