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Crawl Space Repair in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia

Here at Basement Problems we offer only the best crawl space repair services that give permanent solutions to mold, pests, flooding, and sagging floors. We believe in providing quality care using advanced systems that restore, rejuvenate, and protect your crawl space from internal and external damages. Established in 1972, our company is dedicated to assisting homeowners structural and water problems underneath their home, even if they don't have a basement.

Our service area covers four states including Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Wet Crawl Spaces: Moisture, Humidity and Hazards

If the crawl space isn't sealed off, it is only a matter of time until moisture and excessive humidity get inside and start to cause problems. Moisture can lead to wood rot in supports, beams, and floor joists. And the extra moisture in the air in the form of humidity can also lead to the development of nasty mold which could make your family sick. Mold has been known to cause everything from skin rashes to asthma attacks, and all types of serious medical problems in between.

Crawl Space Repair Services

Warning Signs of a Problem

  • Water can be seen building up next to the footing on the outside of the home
  • Certain spots on the first floor of the home no longer feel level
  • Home smells musty (indication of mold growth)
  • Unwanted critters can be seen entering or exiting the CS (roaches, termites, spiders, snakes, raccoons, skunks, mice, etc.)
  • Home feels very uncomfortable and skin is clammy or damp (humidity)

The Solutions: Crawl Space Encapsulation & Structural Supports

For full restoration and protection of your crawl space, the area will need to be sealed off properly so that water, moisture, or pests can't get inside. Vapor barriers, floor liners, dehumidifiers, and sump pumps will be installed to help with creating an efficient, dry, safe, and healthy area beneath your home. This wards off mold, woodrot, odor, and any other symptom that arises from poorly protected crawl spaces.

During the time of the encapsulation, Basement Problems will also work on repairing damage that has already been done. This includes crawl space floor jack installation for rotted wooden support beams that have deteriorated over time from mold and mildew. Much like foundation repair with piers, floor jacks are the structural solution for crawl spaces. Additionally, we can repair or replace damaged wooden floor beams underneath your home if the damage has spread.

The Systems We Use

Below are examples of the various systems we use to assess internal damages associated with crawl spaces.

Drain Tiles

Drain Tiles

Crawl space drain tile systems are designed to keep excess water from entering your crawl space. These systems are installed around the exterior of your crawl space to direct water away from your home.

Vapor Barriers

Vapor Barriers

Our team installed crawl space vapor barriers to keep all forms of water and other toxic ground vapors from entering your crawl space. These systems are designed to protect your home from toxic gasses such as radon.

Floor Jacks

Floor Jacks

Our crawl space floor jacks are installed to help support your home. Over time your crawl space supports can deteriorate causing your home to become structurally unstable. Our support system is designed to help support your home.

Sump Pump

Sump Pump

Crawl space sump pumps are among the most commonly installed waterproofing solutions. They are designed to forcibly remove water from your crawl space and direct it away from your home.

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The basement waterproofing guys were all so professional. They really worked hard. It made my tired just watching them work! I would recommend them highly.

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Very nice basement waterproofing work. They took great pride in the job and I would recommend them to others.

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Very professional basement waterproofing company. They were really prompt and responsive.

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I appreciated the clean-up following the foundation repair work that you completed. Everything was neatly stacked and the excavated dirt was used to fill a hole in my yard - and I didn't even have to ...
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