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Basement Waterproofing in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia

Since 1972, our team of professionals has been serving the area with quality basement waterproofing services in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Our patented water mitigation systems guarantee a safe, dry basement, while keeping moisture, leaks, and floods at bay. The products we use with the combined experience of our expert waterproofers give permanent solutions for every aspect of poor drainage, backed-up floor drains, cracks, seepage, and broken systems from failed installations.

Wet Basements: Where Do The Leaks Come From?

Water always diverts to the path of least resistance. It can find many ways to get inside your basement, especially without proper water mitigation systems in place to accommodate all crevices and openings. The most common occurrences of leaks comes from different variables combined into one: rising and falling water tables. This is due to rain and thawing snow that generate water on the outside of the basement wall (subterrain) and beneath the concrete floor. Where water is constantly fluctuating with no where to drain, it soaks into the soil and travels downward surrounding your basement.

Basement Waterproofing Services

From here water can find it's way through many different openings if not properly sealed:

  • Over the top of the foundation (typically a yard grading problem)
  • Through leaking window wells with clogged drains
  • Up through a clogged floor drain
  • Through the cove joint (where the wall and floor meet)
  • Through floor or wall cracks
  • Through areas of the wall with pipe penetration
  • From a leaky pipe or related plumbing problem

Warning Signs of a Problem

  • Water stains and damage can be seen on walls and floors
  • Home smells musty (indication of mold growth)
  • Puddles of water can be seen accumulating on the floor
  • Personal belongings are completely damaged or show signs of staining
  • Home feels uncomfortable and skin is clammy (humidity)
  • Certain spots on the first floor of the home feel un-level (wood rot in the floor joists from excessive moisture)

The Basement Problems Solution: Waterproofing Systems

The answer is simple: get a thorough installation of a waterproofing system designed to properly mitigate and drain the excess water, and seal any openings caused during the initial seepage. The type of waterproofing system you will need is going to depend on your home's unique situation and type of wet basement problem. This means if you have a cracked wall it will need to be sealed, if your floor drain is constantly backing we recommend a sump pump, etc. It will depend on your home's special needs that suit the specifications to keep your basement dry and your family safe.

The Systems We Use

Below are examples of the various systems we use to assess moisture related damages and waterproofing for basements.

Interior Drain

Interior Drain

Our interior drainage system sits underneath the subfloor around the exterior wall of your basement. This system is designed to keep excess groundwater from entering your basement by providing a channel in which the water can be directed away from your basement.

Exterior Drain

Exterior Drain

Much like the interior drainage system our exterior drainage system is designed to keep water from entering your basement by directing it away from your foundation's walls. This system sits on the exterior of your foundation's footing to channel excess groundwater away.

Sump Pump

Basement Sump Pump

Basement sump pumps are among the most commonly installed basement waterproofing systems. These systems are designed to forcibly evacuate water away from your basement and your foundation and direct it away from your home.


Basement Dehumidifier

Basement dehumidifier systems are designed to keep your home at a constant humidity level. They serve a number of purposes including mold and mildew remediation. If your basement is constantly damp or wet our team will recommend installing a dehumidifier.

Drain Tiles

Drain Tiles

Basement drain tiles are similar to interior drainage systems in that they sit underneath your basement slab. These systems are designed to provide excess groundwater a path away from your foundation and your basement.

Exterior Guard

Exterior Membrane

Our Exterior Guard waterproofing system is a waterproof barrier that we install on the exterior of your foundation. It is designed to stop water from penetrating through cracks or other weaknesses in your foundation.

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